十月 23, 2019
OREZZA Asia喬遷茶會
十月 28, 2019

OREZZA Story #4




在1997年,François-Xavier Mora與他的妻子Marie-Laurence決定對他的故鄉參與OREZZA礦泉水的開採,他來自城市Monacia d’OREZZA,從而證明了他對科西嘉島的依戀。


1995 marks the end of the exploitation of the spring and the disappearance of the bottles water of OREZZA. This site was abandoned, an abandonment that we could believe definitive.

In 1997 François-Xavier Mora, a native of the country, decided with his wife Marie-Laurence to get involved in his region thus demonstrating his attachment to Corsica. François-Xavier est originaire de Monacia D’Orezza.

Both were immediately conquered by this double challenge: taking up the challenge of saving one of the most important cultural, historical and industrial heritage of the island and at the same time promoting the micro-region through entrepre- neurship, the economic and social development in this territory inside which seemed nevertheless condemned to live a rurality of the decline.


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