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十月 23, 2019

OREZZA Story #3



自古以來就知道,OREZZA的水被古羅馬人珍貴的飲用,他們欣賞這水特殊的品質。 OREZZA的歷史一直與科西嘉島的歷史密切相關。
它的開採權是由1856年4月25日拿破崙三世頒布的部長法令授權的。後來,在十九世 紀,OREZZA的水療設施得到了皇室優雅的讚賞。

• 1856 • 獲得取用水源的授權
• 1866 • OREZZA的水被公認為公共利益
• 1905 • Zuccarelli博士在他的OREZZA礦泉水研究中
• 1995 • 停止取用水源-OREZZA消失
• 1998 •恢復F.X Mora對Sorgente Sottana的開發以及開啟現代化工廠
• 2000 • OREZZA重返餐桌上
• 2006 • 推出香氛系列
• 2013 •為Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters推出天然礦泉水系列
• 2017 • 開始在亞洲市場銷售

Known since antiquity, the water of OREZZA was already savored by the Romans, who appreciated its exceptional qualities. The history of OREZZA has always been closely linked to the one of Corsica.
Pascal Paoli used to come to relax in Rapaggio to drink water from the spring. Its exploitation was authorized by a ministerial decree under Napoleon III, April 25th 1856. Ten years later, on February 7th 1866, it has been recognized as public interest by an imperial decree.
Later, in the nineteenth century, the establishments of OREZZA, with their bathrooms, show- ers and massages, were very popular among spa guests: this precious thermal water cured cases of anemia, disorders of the nervous system, malaria, affections of liver and kidneys.

• 1856 •Authorization for the exploitation of the spring.
• 1866 •The water of OREZZA is recognized as public interest.
• 1905 •In his study about the mineral water of OREZZA,
doctor Ruccaerlli confirmed its efficiency curing anemia.
• 1995 •Stop of the exploitation of the source and disappearance
of the bottles of water of OREZZA.
• 1998 •Resumption of the exploitation of the Sorgente Sottana springby F.X. Mora and beginning of the works of modernization of the site.
• 2000 •The water of OREZZA came back on the tables.
• 2006 •Launch of the flavor water.
• 2013 •Launch of the mineral still water at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters.
• 2017 •Presence on the Asia market.

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